Open Source Updates for Swift Projects - Issue #13

Pulse 3.1

Pulse is a network logger built with SwiftUI. It integrates on the URLSession level allowing it to see unencrypted traffic and record task metrics available only on this level.

Pulse 3.0 is entirely new and offers a streamlined experience on all Apple platforms. To learn more, see the introductory post.

Pulse 3.1 was released shortly after with additional features and performance improvements.

Vapor 4.68.0

Vapor is an HTTP web framework for Swift. It provides a beautifully expressive and easy-to-use foundation for your next website, API, or cloud project.

The latest version provides back deployment of Vapor's concurrency APIs on older Apple platforms.

Beware: This also drops support for Swift versions < 5.5.2 to match SwiftNIO

ViewInspector 0.9.5

ViewInspector is a library for unit testing SwiftUI views. It allows for traversing a view hierarchy at runtime providing direct access to the underlying View structs.

Recent version 0.9.4 added support for NavigationStack and NavigationSplitView (#207) and various bug fixes. 0.9.5 was pushed shortly for another bug fix.

If you wanna learn more about how to leverage ViewInspector then I recommend the following article:

PreviewResizable 1.0.1

A view modifier that allows custom resizing and size debugging in SwiftUI previews. Useful to quickly check how views adapt to different sizes.

The latest version is 2 months old but this Swift package was recently added to the SwiftPackageIndex so I thought I do a shoutout :)

XCMetrics 0.0.12

Are your team’s build times improving or regressing? Which version of Xcode is the slowest? Which hardware setup is the fastest? XCMetrics makes it easy to discover all this by collecting, displaying, and tracking the data inside your team’s Xcode build logs.

Don't let the version number fool you. The Spotify engineering team open-sourced this project in 2021.

XCMetrics has collected almost 1 million builds and over 10 billion steps from all Spotify iOS applications since its introduction. It allowed Spotify to make important and informed decisions concerning their project structure and architecture.

You find the project on GitHub and it comes with a backend, built with Vapor and distributed as a Docker image, that you DIY host or run locally.

Recent release 0.0.12 updates the base Docker image to swift:5.6-focal to be compatible with Arm64