Open Source Updates for Swift Projects - Issue #14

Carthage 0.39.0

Carthage is one of the three big players when it comes to dependency/package manager on Apple platforms. In a nutshell, Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks, but you retain full control over your project structure and setup.

If you are using Carthage then will be happy to hear that it its latest version the following issue was fixed: in Xcode 14, Carthage did not create tvOS & watchOS builds when Bitcode is disabled

Swift Snapshot Testing 1.11.0

  • Added: Image paths in Xcode XCTest output are now clickable (thanks @RufusMall, #675).

  • Fixed: Silenced SPM warnings by excluding snapshots and fixtures in Package manifest (thanks @valeriyvan, #684).

  • Fixed: 1.10.0 erroneously bumped platform requirements. This release reverts compatibility to align with previous versions (#698).

  • Infrastructure: Fixed Ubuntu CI by locking version (#685).

Swift XP 😂

SwiftXP is for the not-so-serious developer to have fun and re-create the look & feel of Windows XP for your macOS apps

PackageGenerator 🔦

I got curious when I saw the tweet from Alberto.

PackageGenerator is a tool to generate Package.swift files using a custom DSL allowing version alignment of dependencies across packages. It's a command line tool and leverages ArgumentParser. The tool leverages Stencil for the Package.swift file generation from a template.

I don't have (or see) a need in my projects to use that technique but I found it is worth sharing and apparently the repository contains shared documents that are used for all of the open-source projects provided by

Summary of popular projects that published an update recently