Open Source Updates for Swift Projects - Issue #15

Realm  10.36

CoreData alternative Realm is going strong with over 15k stars on GitHub and two minor versions released since last week.

I won't list the many bug fixes and so here are "just" the enhancements from 10.35 and 10.36:

  • Add support for multiple overlapping or nested event scopes. Events.beginScope() now returns a Scope object which is used to commit or cancel that scope, and if more than one scope is active at a time events are reported to all active scopes.

  • The Realm file is now automatically shrunk if the file size is larger than needed to store all of the data. (Core PR #5755)

  • Pinning old versions (either with frozen Realms or with Realms on background threads that simply don't get refreshed) now only prevents overwriting the data needed by that version, rather than the data needed by that version and all later versions. In addition, frozen Realms no longer pin the transaction logs used to drive change notifications. This mostly eliminates the file size growth caused by pinning versions. (Core PR #5440)

  • Rework how Dictionaries/Maps are stored in the Realm file. The new design uses less space and is typically significantly faster. This changes the iteration order of Maps, so any code relying on that may be broken. We continue to make no guarantees about iteration order on Maps (Core #5764).

  • Improve performance of freezing Realms (Core PR #6211).

Gifu 3.4

Gifu provides high-performance animated GIF support for iOS to UIKit.

The latest release is especially helpful when you play a GIF in an infinite loop but you want to know when it has been shown at least once.

IOSSecuritySuite 1.9.6

iOSSecuritySuite is a great iOS platform security & anti-tampering Swift library that is able to detect:

  • Jailbreak (even the iOS 11+ with brand new indicators! 🔥)

  • Attached debugger 👨🏻‍🚀

  • If an app was run in an emulator 👽

  • Common reverse engineering tools running on the device 🔭

Version 1.9.6 brings you

  • new method IOSSecuritySuite.amIReverseEngineeredWithFailedChecks() and

  • improved hooking resistency 1.5.0

    Disclaimer: I am the creator of the Xcode extension and with its latest version 1.5.0 you can create class diagrams also directly from your Finder.